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Managed Hosting

When you want to host your online content, one of the hardest choices is deciding where that content should reside.

Thankfully, our managed hosting solutions mean we not only host it, but we also make sure that settings are up to date, backup is done on a regular basis, security is up to GDPR standards and requests are handled at top speeds. 

What is Hosting?

An Internet hosting service is a service that runs servers connected to the Internet, allowing organizations and individuals to serve content or host services connected to the Internet.

A common kind of hosting is web hosting. Most hosting providers offer a combination of services – e-mail hosting, website hosting, and database hosting, for example. DNS hosting service, another type of service usually provided by hosting providers, is often bundled with domain name registration.

Dedicated server hosts, provide a server, usually housed in a datacenter and connected to the Internet where clients can run anything they want (including web servers and other servers). The hosting provider ensures that the servers have Internet connections with good upstream bandwidth and reliable power sources.

Another popular kind of hosting service is shared hosting. This is a type of web hosting service, where the hosting provider provisions hosting services for multiple clients on one physical server and share the resources between the clients. Virtualization is key to making this work effectively.


Your customers can't wait to see your website. Literally! Users don't have the patience to wait for a website to load and will browse away if your hosting provider can't deliver access to your resources in a timely manner.

Using content delivery networks and modern caching techniques, we ensure lightning fast access to all your hosted resources.


Your data is valuable and security vulnerabilities are prevalent in an ever evolving online world. We make sure your information is secured using intrusion detection and prevention systems, spam filters and by doing regular security audits.

24/7 Support

Your online services need to be up at any time of day, so we work around the clock to ensure you don't have any downtimes and if you do, we're always here to assist you.

Weekends? No problem! Bank holidays? We've got you covered! Zombie apocalypse? If phones are working, we will answer the call!

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