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Information technology hardware and software are essential to any business as they facilitate operations, improve productivity and warrant information security.

We offer customizable service packages for long-term and short-term. The advantage to this is that you only pay for those services that you need.

On top of this, we can recommend IT solutions targeted to your business requirements via our IT Consultancy service.

How do we do it?

Our approach to troubleshooting is to swiftly diagnose, then implement the optimal methods to ensure you’re back on the rail. While in most cases we do remote support, we understand that some issues can only be sorted onsite. On those rare occasions, we are happy to either walk you through the troubleshooting steps or visit your UK-based office.


We understand that having technical difficulties is frustrating, so you can expect our team to always be friendly, empathetic and professional when assisting you.

Technical Literacy

Ever talked to an IT guy and wondered "What language is this guy speaking?". While you may get an answer like "Java" or "C++", you're actually just looking for an answer that doesn't require an IT degree. At SIRPOD, we explain technicalities in a human-understandable fashion, so even if you're not technical, you'll still be able to understand us!

24/7 Assistance

Your online services need to be up at any time of day, so we work around the clock to ensure you don't have any downtimes and if you do, we're always here to assist you.

Weekends? No problem! Bank holidays? We've got you covered! Zombie apocalypse? If phones are working, we will answer the call!

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IT Consultancy

Our mission is to use our technical knowledge to help your business thrive while keeping your costs in check.